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NEM’s Naturopathic Esole’ Full Body massage is Magical alternative to massage therapy!

People everywhere are hearing about the new type of massage called an Esole’ massage, and they want to know what it is all about! Sahias Unkudu, the creator of the Esole’ massage and The Science of Natural Energy Maintenance (NEM), gives you the goods on Esole’ massages and more in his interview on TuneIn radio!

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If you are looking for massage therapy, you may want to consider trying this holistic alternative!

ESOLE’ massage sessions that go far beyond just massaging your skin and muscle tissues! Your NEM specialist thoroughly massages the body, modifying the amount hand pressure and speed of hand strokes as needed to relax and revive the muscles. It is a natural flow of movement that may be different for every client. Your NEM Specialist progressively stretches the whole body as he or she massages the body. This is another stage of relaxation the body goes through during and Esole’ massage.

The full body stetching, expands the range of the body’s mobility, improves ease of joint movement, helps to increase the blood circulation and separates stuck together muscle fibers that helps bring about a “looseness” of your body and leaving you feeling youthful and rejuvenated. Sometimes, it is the same day, a day after or even a few days after the Esole’ massage after your body has had a chance to heal those muscle fibers in a new design that allows for more movement you experience the feeling of having greater and greater levels of energy

Unlike regular massage therapy massages, Esole’ massages also implement energy work in which your NEM specialist coaxes your energy to flow the way it was intended to flow and to keep your vital energy centers refreshed! In order for you to know just how amazing these Esole’ massages in comparison to massage therapy massages, just have to book and experience a session for yourself! You’ll be so glad you did. Our Reviews speak for themselves.

Esole’ Massage In Action!

BizTV: LIFE IN THE ATL: Marcus Ryan interviews Sahias Unkudu about an amazing story of Esole’ massage healing!


Hear her share her joy of healing!