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What Is NEM?

The word NEM stands for Naturopathic Energy Maintenance. The Science of NEM is a new paradigm of thought created by Sahias Unkudu for self-determined people to become more aware of their own personal power, maximize it and use it in life to their advantage. Why would anyone not want to do that? How could you not want to be better in every way according to your own standards of strength, beauty or excellence?

Are you willing to cultivate a deeper awareness your own unique energy type! Aren’t we all created to be different? Shouldn’t we all be more aware of what activities really empower each one of us as individuals? Is it necessary to purify your energy? What is the result of purifying your energy? These questions have extremely hopeful answers!

YOU CAN BOOK yourself an Esole’ Massage (a naturopathic alternative to a massage therapy massage), Guided Meditation sessions & Capoeira Angola training classes right here!

Specializing In Amazing Experiences in Atlanta, Georgia!


What our clients say


He is by far the best I have ever had to do a massage. Not only do you feel light leaving his magical hands but you also feel a sense of inner peace. I have been going to NEM for a year now and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I put in miles for them magical hands (Alpharetta to Atlanta) because it’s worth it.


If you are looking to experience the best massage ever, look no further. Nem Magical Massage was the best massage I’ve ever had! I left feeling so much better than I arrived! I was stretched and massaged all at the same time lol. Check this business out, you will not be disappointed!

Karen Warren

If you’re in Atlanta Georgia and want a massage from an agency that delivers a spa experience that is healing and transformational, Nem Magical Massage and Meditation is just the place to go. Sahias Unkudu is unmatched in his abilities to rejuvenate the mind and body!

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90 Minute Esole’ Massage & Guided Meditation

90 Minute Esole’ Massage

60 Minute Esole’ Massage & Guided Meditation

60 MInute Esole’ Massage

90 MInute Couples Esole’ Massage

60 Min Guided Meditation

60 Min. Couples Esole’ Massage

90 Min Guided Meditation

90 Minute Prenatal Esole’ Massage

60 Minute Prenatal Esole’ Massage

Esole’ massages

First-time Customers receive 10% OFF! Limited time offer. Don’t Miss out!

Esole’ massages are the best when it comes to relaxing your mind and muscles, and increasing your energy levels!

The Esole’ massage session is a naturopathic, healing alternative to massage therapy. It was created with the purpose of restoring your body’s functional health by working to re-balance your body’s physical and energetic structures!

Our Esole’ massage is our most popular service and is highly rated! The word Esole’ means relaxation and energization with good reason because your NEM specialist relaxes you by coaching you through breathing exercises while he or she stretches and massages your whole body. This relaxes your body and mind.

The Esole’ massage increases your body’s blood circulation and enhances the flow of energy throughout your body’s meridians (energy pathways). In the end, NEM clients tend to say they feel “loose and light!”

Esole’ Massage Healing In Action!!

BizTV: LIFE IN THE ATL: Marcus Ryan interviews Sahias Unkudu and Carol Stewart about her amazing story of healing!

LIFE IN THE ATL Marcus Ryan Interviews Sahias Unkudu owner of NEM Magical Massage & Meditation!

Sahias Unkudu speaks about The Science of NEM! Sahias Unkudu explains his a new kind of massage called an Esole’ massage, an alternative to massage therapy, meditation and discusses the African-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira!

You have to Experience an Esole’ Massage for yourself! The pleasure can’t be explained!

The highly-rated Esole’ Massage is naturopathic alternative to massage therapy. Listen to Sahias Unkudu’s interview about Esole Massages here!