Halloween 2022

Happy Halloween from the Clean MD Crew! Clean MD Halloween 2022

Employee Appreciation

Thank You!

Thank you so much Tracy! We at Clean MD would like to commend you for all of your hard work and handling various tasks such as key runs and coverages. We really appreciate all you have been doing, keep up the great work!

Golden Squeegee October 2022

Mike Backstrom GS

This month we would like to dedicate a special ‘Thank You’ to Mike Backstrom. Mike is part of our One-Time Crew, and continuously displays a great eye for detail while maintaining an admirable work ethic. Congratulations Mike, we are impressed and appreciative of all the hard work you have done. Keep up the great work […]

Before & After Challenge Winner: August 2022

Congratulations to Ishmael Greene for winning this month’s “Before & After” challenge. We had many submissions which will be posted regularly every week. Stay updated with us to see your submission results on our social media!

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

Medical Grade Cleaning Services! Because we are fully compliant with OSHA standards, our staff will provide top-notch cleaning services to your medical building or essential business facility in the Buffalo or Western New York area. We understand that complex buildings may need a customized cleaning schedule, so we will work with you to plan the […]

A Clean Workplace is a More Productive Workplace!

Happy employees do a better job! If you want to keep your employees productive and feeling up to the task, provide them with a clean, germ-free workplace. Our scheduled cleanings are conducted after work hours or on your custom schedule; and eliminate germs before they are passed around the office and take your entire staff […]

How Does Carpet Cleaning Impact Indoor Air?

Are you aware that your commercial business’ carpets can present a fairly significant indoor air quality issue? Read along with the team at Clean MD while we detail the complications caused by carpets, and how you can find your ideal solution through routine professional carpet cleaning. Carpets Quickly Become a Hotbed for Dust, Pollen & Mold […]

How a Clean Office Improves Employee Productivity

No matter how small or large your upstate New York business is, it depends on the efficiency, health, and wellbeing of its employees to be successful and prosperous. A workplace that is unkempt, disorderly, or dirty can affect the health and morale of your staff, while making it harder for them to do their jobs […]